New Approach to Scale the Network and be Fiber Broadband Ready

Despite the increasing popularity of fiber networks, most users are still using copper cables for internet connection. Existing network devices that were purchased 5 years ago can be predominantly unprepared for fiber connection.

There are a lot of end users who are starting to run their first fiber broadband connection and are eager to find ways to utilize their current investment.

L&M Associates Engineering Representatives Incorporated is pleased to announce a specially designed tape measure product called WOLFTapeTM to provide an instantaneous clear indication of the level of oil / dielectric fluid on top of water within an enclosed vault. Utilities who distribute power through cables cooled by dielectric fluid typically have splices every 2000 feet which are accessible by manholes into a sealed vault. When dielectric fluid leaks are detected crews are deployed to initially inspect these sealed vaults, which generally contain many feet of water and oil sheen. The question remains, is it really just oil sheen to be cleaned up with diapers or is it a couple of inches which translates into about 200 gallons or more of dielectric fluid. WOLFTapeTM ,an acronym for Water Oil Level Flexible Tape, is successfully being used by utilities to provide this critical measurement. Measurement or even detection of dielectric fluids floating on top of water within a vault is often difficult to determine in the field. An eighth of an inch of oil/dielectric fluid looks the same as a foot. A wide variety of techniques are employed by utility technicians to determine the presence and level of oil within an enclosed vault. In the absence of all else, tossing a pebbling into the vault and observing the splash has been employed by some crews. A wrong "guesstimate" could lead to costly site remediation where none may be required or worse, not initiating the proper response where it is required! WOLFtapeTM eliminates the guesswork.

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