Analog Signal Converter

(0-10VDC to +/- 200 mA output)

Axiomatic announces the release of the newest addition to our Signal Conditioners Line, a 0-10VDC to +/-200mA output converter, part number IC-DR-23. This converter is part of a growing line of current converters designed to convert any analog or PWM signal to suit your application. With DIN rail housing, screw terminal connections and an LED indicator, this converter has user friendly adjustability.

Axiomatic's high-efficient converters are easily customized to meet specific application needs.

- 0-10VDC input to +/-200mA output
- Input operating voltage range from 16-32VDC
- Power supply 24VDC nominal
- Short circuit protection
- Reverse polarity protection
- DIN rail mount (35mm)
- <5 mSec. response time
- Power consumption 20 mA@ 24VDC, no load
- Diagnostic LEDs indicate operational status
- Operational from -40 to 85 degrees C
- PCB is conformal coated
- IP40 housing protection, terminals rated at IP20
- Span and zero is user adjustable.

Applications include industrial automation and machine controls.

Axiomatic operates in Mississauga (Toronto), Canada as well as Tulsa, OK, United States, Munich, Germany, and Lempäälä, Finland. Axiomatic is a provider of electronic machine controls, components, and systems to the off-highway, military, power generation, material handling and industrial OEM markets. We provide efficient, innovative solutions that focus on adding value for our customers. We emphasize service and partnership with our customers, suppliers, and employees to build long term relationships and mutual trust.

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