Control Microsystems Announces a Product Line Expansion of SCADARange Wireless Process Instruments

The Al10 and AV10 multi-input field units are ideal for applications requiring wireless connectivity for analog and digital signals.

Control Microsystems, global developer of advanced SCADA products, today announced an expansion of the SCADARange product line with a new multi-input field unit and the addition of a high-gain antenna option and remote sensor mounting on selected SCADARange field units.

Designed for use in applications where traditional wired sensor connections are not physically or financially feasible, SCADARange products are easily deployed to wirelessly transmit data through a centralized base radio station, over a secure 900MHz license-free connection. With the capability to scale up to as many as 16 wireless instrumentation LANs, each with 50 instruments, SCADARange accommodates future expansion without difficulty.

The SCADARange AI10 and AV10 wireless multi-input field units provide dual analog inputs in either current (4-20mA) or voltage (0-10V) configurations. Each unit is comprised of an integrated input module, signal conditioner, RF transceiver and antenna, and also includes two discrete contact closure inputs for simple apparatus.

"With their limitless applications and unique ability to last up to 5 years on a battery, the SCADARange product line has experienced strong initial sales", said Dale Symington, VP Product Strategy. "The multi-input field unit with explosion-proof housing is just the first of many expansions planned for these cost-effective products."

The high-gain YAGI antenna option is available on the AI10 and AV10 Multi-Input Field Units, the GL10 Gauge Level Field Unit, and the GP10 Gauge Pressure Field Unit. The remote sensor option is available on the RT10 RTD Temperature Field Unit, TC10 Thermocouple Field Unit, and the GP10 Gauge Pressure Field Unit.

SCADARange Manager, a Windows-based services management software that provides a user friendly environment for field unit configuration and diagnostics, is included with all SCADARange products. Each unit has a LCD/keypad for local configuration and monitoring.

These devices have an industry leading warranty of 3 years and are available for order now.

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