NetMotion Wireless Unveils New Mobile Reporting Capability To Maximize Productivity and ROI of Mobile Workforces

New Mobile Analytics Module allows companies to inspect and measure performance of mobile deployments

As workers increasingly spend the majority of their day in the field, their managers, IT administrators and CIOs have a growing need for a detailed view into the performance of their networks, applications, devices and users. To meet this need, NetMotion Wireless today announced the availability of its new Mobile Analytics Module which provides historical and granular detail on the status of mobile deployments across any wired or wireless network.

The Analytics Module features more than 20 pre-configured and fully customizable reports that monitor the performance of individual applications, devices and users within a mobile deployment. Additionally, for the first time, performance reports are available for every network in use by mobile workers. The new module complements NetMotion's industry-leading mobile VPN (Virtual Private Network) Mobility XE, which provides secure wireless connections to applications across wireless coverage gaps and data networks, while providing centralized management tools for IT administrators. The new module is available immediately at no charge for customers with existing premium maintenance agreements and for new customers who purchase licenses for 1,000 or more mobile devices.

"In our daily operations it is critical for us to know the degree to which our mobile workers are able to perform their duties effectively," said Jason Pitts, technical field services manager, Avista Corporation, an energy company that provides service to 351,000 electric and 310,000 natural gas customers in three Western states. "With NetMotion's new analytics capabilities, we will be able to pinpoint any application, network or device that is causing a productivity loss and quickly implement a fix."

"To date, business owners and decision makers have had to make educated guesses as to the performance of their mobile workforce," said Bob Hunsberger, president and CEO, NetMotion Wireless. "With our new Mobile Analytics Module, CIOs and network administrators can ensure that their expectations match the reality of what is taking place in the field and react appropriately."

The reports available in the Analytics Module can assist administrators in measuring the health of their mobile deployment, including real-time and historical data. A set of benchmarks can be established and validated, including:

- Performance of networks, both wired and wireless;

- Network utilization across connections including Wi-Fi, wide-area cellular and wired;

- Bandwidth consumption per application or device;

- Number of devices connected to the network at any given time;

- Performance of individual devices;

- Reasons for failed network connection attempts;

- Status of quarantined devices;

- Battery status; and much more.

The Mobile Analytics Module complements NetMotion's existing Policy Module. The Mobile Analytics Module allows organizations to identify problems with their networks, applications, devices or users that are impacting productivity, and the Policy Module provides tools the organizations can use to correct those problems.

Around the globe, more than 300,000 mobile workers use NetMotion's Mobility XE to mitigate some of the most common challenges in mobile deployments today, including application stability as users move in and out of wireless coverage areas, and seamless roaming between Wi-Fi and wide-area cellular networks. In addition, the company provides advanced security and network management controls that extend corporate security policies to mobile devices, while also allowing customers to utilize their existing mobile investments to reliably deploy real-time applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and streaming video. For more information about NetMotion, visit

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