Bird-X Profiled on WBBM-AM NewsRadio 780's Made in Chicago

On Monday, October 13, 2008, WBBM NewsRadio 780 AM, featured Bird-X, Inc. on their Made in Chicago radio program that airs on Mondays and Saturdays about three times a day in the Chicago metro area.

Ms. Fielding selected Bird-X, Inc. based on their unique products and their humane approach to repelling pest birds from a given area. Another factor is the breadth of products and solutions Bird-X offers from inexpensive visual scare balloons to electronic sonic and ultrasonic sound devices and their latest product, a harmless laser that scares the birds away. Bird-X is a devoted to the Chicago area, making its home here for the last 45 years. A different Chicago-based company is featured each week.

A new study shows that environmental groups are the primary barrier to necessary improvements to the U.S. power grid, which the study found is increasingly at risk for major brownouts and blackouts beginning in the summery of 2009.

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