Elektromed Selects Enfora's Wireless Networking Solutions

Enfora, a leading global supplier of intelligent wireless networking solutions, announces that its Enabler® wireless solution family has been selected by meter manufacturer Elecktromed for use in water, electricity and gas applications.

Enfora's Enabler series of intelligent embedded platforms provides support for multiple access protocols and includes GSM/GPRS/EDGE quad band solutions that are GCF/PTCRB certified. The Enabler's integrated IP communications functionality enhances device performance while shortening the overall development cycle. Furthermore, the Enabler's embedded software environment, including a programmable rules engine, a network router, and advanced control and automation capabilities, can simplify the communication, operation and remote management of devices. With integrated IP functionality and support for multiple access protocols, the Enabler platform can be used to address multiple markets and geographies with a single design.

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