Valuable Patents with Broad Applications in the 3G and WiMax Arenas to be Sold at October 30th Auction

Potential Licensees Include Wireless Service Providers, Hardware Manufacturers and Telecommunications Providers Plus Cell Phone Equipment Manufacturers

Carlson Wireless is taking this opportunity to auction these particular patents to generate capital that will assist in the development of its next generation of their product line. These patents have generated a significant amount of interest due to their potential applications in the WiMax and 3G standards. Potential licensees include Wireless Service Providers, Wireless Hardware Manufacturers, Wireless Telecommunications Providers and Cell Phone Equipment Manufacturers.

Carmanah Technologies Corporation (TSX: CMH) has received an initial $1 million order from Lyon, France-based telecom provider TWIST to supply solar power systems for a telecommunications project in North Africa. The project, facilitated by Solergitech, Carmanah's authorized distributor in the region, will power a network of telecommunications towers with the company's stand-alone solar power systems. According to Ted Lattimore, Chief Executive Officer of Carmanah, this application -- as a part of an ongoing project with an estimated value of up to $6 million over the next three years -- represents a significant market opportunity for the Victoria-based solar technology company.

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