WEG Motor/Drive Combo Offers Maximum Efficiency

AC Induction Motors, Paired with New CFW11 VF Inverters with OptimalFlux™ Technology, Reduce Heat Build-Up, Double Service Life

"When a WEG AC induction motor is paired with our new WEG CFW11 inverter with Vectrue™ and OptimalFlux™ technologies, users get a power-packed, highly efficient motor/drive package that reduces the build-up of heat, doubles motor life, and reduces operating costs," said Jorge Velazquez, manager, WEG Automation Division.

Handheld introduced today the new Kenaz GPS receiver designed specifically for the TDS Nomad and Recon handheld computers. The new Kenaz GPS receiver offers sub-meter accuracy for high precision mapping applications. It attaches directly to the top of the handheld to preserve the Nomad's and Recon's MIL-STD-810F and IP67 ratings.

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