A Mission for Safety

Should we not have a mission for safety? And if we do, how should it be executed?

By Bill Dampf, C.S.P.

I have always respected those that have had the courage and commitment to participate in a mission trip. People throughout the world face incredible challenges, and thankfully there are many who are willing to help the unfortunate face those challenges. Great things are accomplished by these missionaries. They build schools and clean water systems. They provide medical care and many of the basic needs we take for granted.

In our country, every year Mother Nature delivers blow after blow, and many respond to help those that are impacted.

Most will associate the word “mission” with a religious or charitable cause. But, we also can’t forget that the word exists in other aspects of our world as well. Our military personnel, for example, are constantly planning and carrying out missions with the objective of protecting our freedoms. The bottom line is that if we have a group of people focused on accomplishing a critical objective, we have the makings of a mission.

Should we not have a mission for safety? And if we do, how should it be executed?

As I thought about this, I realized we must get our fellow workers to embrace safety. We constantly say it is essential for us to get our workers engaged in our safety processes and become advocates for the cause. We encourage their involvement on committees. We ask them to participate in peer observation programs. We want them to lead others. Maybe it’s time “WE” take safety to the people.

When was the last time you went on a mission trip to the field or to the plant floor to -- in essence -- evangelize about safety? Do those you work with and protect see safety within you? Is it heard in your words and demonstrated through your actions? Are these missions repeated regularly so your people recognize your value for safety?

I encourage all of you to plan your next mission and take your commitment to safety to the people we wish to protect.

Bill Dampf is the retired Director of Corporate Safety and Health for a Midwest electric and natural gas utility. He has been in the safety profession for 36 years and an international speaker for 15. He has acquired both his BS degree and Masters degree in Industrial Safety, is a Certified Safety Professional and published author. In Bill’s spare time he gets to travel on behalf of his own company, “Let’s Talk Success Presentations” where he shares his passion for achieving personal success and success in safety with workers, companies, associations and at conferences across North America. Bill would welcome the opportunity to share a safety message with your workers. To contact Bill call 573-230-3910, email him at bdampf@aol.com or visit his website at www.ltspresentations.com.

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