Energy management: Customer engagement and messaging platform for utilities

Power management: P-ECOSYS 3, the only complete customer engagement and 360° messaging platform for utilities, creates new customer services from information and substantively increases EE program participation and cost effectiveness.

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Electric distribution: PlanetEcosystems offers a new edition of its P-ECOSYS customer relationship management (CRM) platform, enabling utilities to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while boosting customer participation with home energy efficiency programs. With P-ECOSYS 3, utilities can use big data to provide highly personalized recommendations that help customers take action and achieve their goals, from saving money and minimizing the carbon footprint to increasing home health and comfort. Utilities can deploy P-ECOSYS 3 in just 60 to 90 days, and get the only platform that fully integrates the interactions of utility customers, EE administrators, and a wide range of EE contractors and service partners. With this heightened level of integration, P-ECOSYS 3 delivers superior customer messaging, reduced customer service and EE program costs, and simplified regulatory reporting processes ­ while boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“The best way to engage customers is to focus on solutions that customers actually want,” said Maia Hinkle, research analyst at Parks Associates. “Customers want to optimize their comfort, pay the right amount for energy, and make informed purchase decisions. By providing personalized solutions to the problems that consumers are facing, the PlanetEcosystems platform engages consumers and drives energy efficiency programs.”

P-ECOSYS 3 now supports smartphone, tablet, and in-home devices, adding to existing PC/web experiences and providing an unparalleled 360° engagement. This means customers can access messages, alerts and tools that help manage their services, such as outage alerts, water shortage notices and seasonal energy tips, across multiple channels and from any location at any time, such as while on vacation or shopping in appliance stores.

“P-ECOSYS 3 gives customers new ways to simply understand and optimize their home energy and water use, which is increasingly vital as these utility rates continue to escalate,” said Steve Malloy, co-founder and Senior Vice President of PlanetEcosystems. “With our new platform, utilities now have an enhanced ability to attract and retain customers in an increasingly competitive environment, while off-setting program and other costs with new revenue streams, such as retailing referral fees from P-ECOSYS marketplaces. Utility call center costs are also substantively avoided as customers are enticed to solve issues through a compelling self-service portal.”

P-ECOSYS 3’s new high-value customer features include:

• Comprehensive information integration between the utility, its customers and service providers: Facilitating highly effective, timely and compelling customer engagement messaging, new high-value customer services, reduced administrative process costs, and unparalleled service personalization.
• Compelling marketplaces for customers to get deals on appliances, contractor services and financing: Encourage action and motivate customers to follow through on opportunities and decisions. Placed in the customer workflow, the marketplaces give customers a seamless experience with all of the information they need to take action. In addition, the marketplaces help customers receive personalized financing offers and rebates from utilities and other providers based on each customer’s unique situations and needs.
• Reliable reviews of appliances and contractors: Customers can access reviews from homeowners who have undertaken similar energy-reduction and cost-saving projects.
• Trusted adviser customer service support: Highly personalized, timely and valuable support available on all platforms, including print, e-mail, online and mobile.
• Smartphone app: Provides remote control of in-home equipment, including demand response thermostats. The app also scans QR codes of appliances in stores and tells customers the total cost of ownership for each model of appliance based on their unique rate/price structure.
• Energy and water use education: Customers can receive personalized home energy reports through print, e-mail, online and mobile, educating them on how to optimize their energy and water consumption.
• The utility market’s most engaging user experience: Based on extensive customer trials, the easy-to-use platform provides a more compelling engagement experience with an optimized customer workflow.

PlanetEcosystems helps utilities develop deep and loyal relationships with customers by delivering entirely new sources of value with its proprietary P-ECOSYS customer engagement platform.

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