Solar generation: Self-powered tracking technology

Energy management: NEXTracker introduces NEXTracker SPT self-powered tracker. Autonomous tracker motors, powered by the sun, enable system owners to minimize costs, increase energy output and maximize profits.

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Power management: NEXTracker unveiled its transformational self-powered tracking technology with the NEXTracker SPT. This new single-axis tracker eliminates power wiring to the tracker motors, reducing material and installation costs and making each tracker row truly 'plug 'n play.' This latest advancement dramatically simplifies the design, installation and commissioning process for solar tracking systems.

"We're delighted to be launching the first utility-scale self-powered tracking system. By deploying this advanced technology, customers do not need to build an extensive power distribution system for trackers to function, and can eliminate costly backup systems," said NEXTracker CEO Dan Shugar. "This feature significantly reduces cost, simplifies design, and accelerates project installation ­ all improving profit for developers, EPCs and owners."

NEXTracker's self-tracking capabilities are made possible by a mechanically balanced design that enables independent tracker rows to be driven with minimal motor power. A single small, dedicated solar panel with battery backup easily powers an 80-module row. Tracker operation is faster and more precise, with individual row control; this improves energy yield and enhances safety with rapid stowing in rapidly changing weather conditions. And because self-tracking technology eliminates the grid as the power source for the tracker, there is no 'parasitic' energy loss in the system.

Each NEXTracker row has more than seven (7) days of back-up battery power in case of loss of solar input. This, combined with advanced remote monitoring of motor and battery health/charge status, ensures the highest level of reliability.

With far fewer foundations, ability to operate on hills with minimal site grading, self-grounding, and simplified assembly compared to standard trackers, NEXTracker is helping companies accelerate construction schedules and reduce costs. NEXTracker's numerous patent-pending design innovations enable rapid, repeatable installation outcomes. Certified to stringent UL2703 requirements, NEXTracker eliminates separate grounding materials and associated installation costs. Its independently-driven rows with wide tracking range enable maximum site flexibility, energy production and power capacity, while simultaneously reducing operating costs.

About NEXTracker, Inc.
NEXTracker represents a significant breakthrough in horizontal tracking, with lower costs, better performance and more flexibility. Bringing together some of the most experienced professionals in the industry with over one gigawatt and many years of tracker installation experience, NEXTracker is uniquely positioned to deliver long overdue cost and time-saving innovations to large-scale solar projects. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Fremont, CA.

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