Clearfield Introduces Industry's First 'PON in a BOX'

FieldSmart Fiber Delivery Point Wall Mount Panel connects 144-ports of connectivity with Passive Optical Splitters

Recognizing the need to bring OSP-based PON support to the access network, Clearfield, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLFD) is introducing the industry's first "PON in a BOX."

The FieldSmart Fiber Delivery Point (FDP) Indoor Wall Mount Panel teams 144 ports of fiber connectivity with up to four splitters in a compact 24" x 26" x 8" footprint. Ring-cut capable, the FieldSmart FDP 144-Port Indoor Wall Mount Panel is perfect for the deployment of PON-based FTTH networks in a multi-dwelling unit, allowing for 12 to 144 ports of connectivity from a single deployment point. Keeping with Clearfield's design modularity, this FDP Wall Mount Panel is also stackable allowing for 288 port availability. The solution supports configurations for deploying flat drop cable to the customer dwelling unit.

The FieldSmart FDP 144-Port Indoor Wall Mount Panel, which joins other wall mount panel configurations, is currently shipping.

All the Protection with Added Flexibility

The FieldSmart FDP 144-Port Wall Mount Panel brings the fiber protection of an outside plant fiber distribution hub to the access network --- without the cost of a pad or underground enclosure. Splitter density is maximized through the user of splitter modules that stack together in a top-loaded splitter cage. These ruggedized outside plant-rated splitters, identical to those used in the FieldSmart Fiber Scalability Center, ship with the individual legs pre-parked within a disposable FieldSmart "Parking Block" for easy and rapid deployment.

Clearview Multiplied

With the Clearview Cassette as its foundation, the FDP 144-Port Indoor Wall Mount Panel uses the same components as the other elements of the FieldSmart platform. As an "Any Application, Anywhere Multiplier," the Clearview Cassette reduces training and installation time for the technician and allows for a single fiber management component to be stocked for all environments – thereby reducing inventory stocking levels during installation or maintenance.

The Clearview Cassette ensures that all the basic principles of fiber management are satisfied without exposure to environmental hazards or human interaction. Integrated cassette components fully nest into the cassette's main housing to support any application or fiber type desired. Within the cassette, all fibers from the sub-assembly are slack stored, bend radius protected, and secured against accidental physical damage from handling. Designed to handle the toughest operating environments, the Clearview Cassette provides flexibility and reliable performance in the access network, the central office and in the field.

The Clearview Cassette utilizes a clear outer housing allowing for quick and easy first-step troubleshooting of unacceptable light conditions. Tool-less snap-together nesting covers and a removable 12-pack adapter plate allow for easy access to terminated sub-assemblies for maintenance and cleaning.


The FieldSmart FDP 144-Port Indoor Wall Mount Panel joins the entire FieldSmart Fiber Management Platform which is available and shipping from Clearfield, Inc. For complete configuration options, contact Clearfield for a price quote at 800-422-2537.

About Clearfield, Inc.

Clearfield, Inc. designs and manufactures the FieldSmart Fiber Management Platform, which includes its latest generation FieldSmart Fiber Distribution System (FDS), FieldSmart Fiber Scalability Center (FSC) and FieldSmart Fiber Delivery Points (FDP). The FDS, FSC and FDP product lines support a wide range of panel configurations, densities, connectors and adapter options, and are offered alongside an assortment of passive optical components for the inside plant, outside plant and access networks. Clearfield also provides a complete line of fiber and copper assemblies for inside and outside plant environments. Clearfield is a public company, traded on Nasdaq:CLFD.

More information about Clearfield, Inc., its products and its people can be found at

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