Albeo Technologies Honored With Prestigious Sustainable Business Award

LED lighting pioneer wins Colorado Sustainable Business Medal of Honor

Albeo Technologies Inc. manufactures industrial and commercial white-LED solid-state light fixtures that are cost-effective, eco-friendly alternatives to fluorescent and HID lighting. Albeo's LED lighting with TEMPR™ technology lasts up to 10 times longer than traditional lighting systems. Albeo's LED fixtures use less energy, reduce cooling loads, and contain no mercury, allowing for businesses and institutions to reduce their carbon footprints and eliminate hazardous mercury waste disposal.

DisposaCone is an innovative temporary barricade that easily replaces the traditional rubber cone, perfect for any jobsite, crime scene, or public event. DisposaCone's are made from renewable resources, yet developed to be weather resistant. Current sizes are 14 and 17-inches tall; both sizes fit in most motorcycle saddlebags, and will stick to any dry hard surface and even some smooth damp ones, horizontally or vertically. All DisposaCone's are now available with reflective tape for better nighttime visibility.

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