Grote's Introduction of LightForm Technology Signals an Evolutionary Change in Vehicle and Transportation Lighting

Industry Leader Debuts Thin, Flexible Sheet of LED Light on the Anniversary of the First LED Marker Lamp

The audience got its first glimpse of LightForm as Grote walked around the room, holding an illuminated sheet of paper-thin material, which he flexed, bent, twisted and rolled. As Grote moved past the rows of onlookers, he was unencumbered by any visible cord, because the LightForm product he held required so little energy that it was able to be fully illuminated by a small handheld battery pack.

Eco Tec Insulation, a Chicagoland provider of energy-efficient insulation known as Icynene®, announced that it has partnered with the Chicagoland Natural Gas Savings Program to offer its customers a substantial rebate when they install the state-of-the-art insulation, including its latest product generation released March 1—ICYNENE LD-R-50®.

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