First Conference on Energy Harvesting Commercialisation, Markets and Future

Thomas Edison said that electricity should be made where it is to be used.

These and similar devices are being designed to use much less electricity. Better interfacing electronics are arriving and better, more affordable energy harvesting is often printed. Many start-ups are addressing the wide variety of needs including capturing thermal, light, movement and other ambient energy. The chip companies are involved as are those making the rechargeable batteries and supercapacitors sometimes needed with the harvesting elements. The huge potential market for wireless sensor networks and environmental building control will be opened up with maintenance-free energy harvesting that lasts decades and has no wiring. There is therefore a need to move from the science to an assessment of needs, market and profit potential, role models of success and technical trends. This is because a wide variety of potential users wish to place orders, governments wish to support this vibrant new industry and investors wish to invest.

Getting off to a quick start in 2009, Thern, Inc. is expanding their product catalog with the introduction of the new Thern Silver Line of products. The Thern Silver Line is launching with the new imported stainless steel TSSBW Series hand winch, formerly referred to as the Titan Series.

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