AMSC Receives Turnkey D-VAR® Order for the North American Power Grid

- Basin Electric Power Cooperative Adopts D-VAR STATCOM to Further Enhance Power Grid Reliability in Wyoming - At 34 MVAR Continuous Rating, Installation to be One of the Largest STATCOMs in North America

AMSC will deploy the turnkey D-VAR solution near Wright, Wyoming. Basin Electric will utilize the D-VAR system to provide steady state and transient voltage support to maintain transmission system stability and reliability in the region. It will have a continuous rating of 34 mega-volt-amperes reactive (MVAR) and a short-term rating of 91 MVAR, making it one of the largest STATCOMs ever deployed in the North American transmission grid. The system is expected to be operational in Basin Electric's power grid by the end of calendar 2009.

Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:CDTI; XETRA: CDIA; AIM:CDT), the clean technology emissions reduction company and Eaton Corporation (NYSE:ETN) announces they have entered into a global non-exclusive licensing agreement. Under the agreement, Eaton will use Clean Diesel's patented Advanced Reagent Injector System (ARIS®) technology for injection of hydrocarbon fuel in emissions reduction applications, including Eaton's Aftertreatment System. This technology can also be applied to regeneration of diesel particulate filters and lean NOx traps in various global applications.

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