Ventyx Announces Release of Performance Suite

Integrated Business Intelligence and Performance Management Solution for Asset, Customer and Mobile Workforce Management Applications

Ventyx®, the world's largest private software, data and advisory services provider to the energy and utility industry, today announced the release of Performance Suite, combining the proven business intelligence and reporting solutions developed over the years for the company's asset, customer and mobile workforce management solutions for the first time into a single, integrated suite.

Performance Suite provides a standardized reporting and performance management environment across the Ventyx Asset Suite, Customer Suite and Service Suite applications. This consolidated environment allows for cross-suite reporting, giving clients insight into areas of critical operational performance not visible within individual silos of their business. Performance Suite can link key performance indicators to high-level goals and strategies in critical areas such as customer loyalty, asset performance, workforce efficiency and supply chain management, enabling clients to view these cross-functional processes simultaneously and manage their interdependencies.

"Our previous business intelligence and reporting solutions provided valuable insight into the performance of the individual suites for which they were specifically designed, but today our clients require a more holistic approach to performance management," said Ventyx Executive VP of Product and Strategy Derek Porter. "They need to know how one area of the business is affecting another. For instance, if they lower their carrying costs by minimizing spare parts inventory, what does that do to the mean time between failure on the associated plant equipment? And, what affect does improving the productivity of their field service workforce have on customer loyalty? These are questions that only an integrated cross-functional platform like Performance Suite can answer."

Performance Suite is comprised of three software solutions, each available separately or combined as an integrated suite:

Knowledge Warehouse for Asset Suite, Customer Suite and Service Suite—Consists of a data mart and denormalized data allowing the storage and retrieval of data to occur without any direct impact to the operational systems. Adding the Knowledge Warehouse to a core suite provides the ability to create and run reports without impacting the production system during day-to-day operations, provide access to actionable information rather than raw data and improve the ease of use of reporting.
Decision Support for Asset Suite, Customer Suite and Service Suite—centralizes data gathering and reporting into a single Web-driven environment supporting organizational decision-making activities via dashboards, goal assessment, trending and ad hoc reporting, allowing managers to evaluate the overall effectiveness of operations and deliver on commitments.
Operations Dashboard for Service Suite—Web-based, tactical reporting tool for dispatchers, managers and executives that provides a high-level, graphical view of the current state of field operations. With easy access to near real-time information from status indicators, users can determine how work is progressing, spot abnormal conditions and react to a constantly changing environment in the field.

To ensure the flexibility to meet every customer's requirements, Performance Suite is built on the latest releases of industry-standard, best-in-class business intelligence technology from Business Objects and data warehouse/ETL technology from Informatica. The suite is delivered with a comprehensive library of prepackaged goals, strategy maps, metrics, dashboards and reports to help organizations quickly begin to address their business performance objectives. In addition, the suite includes an industry-leading toolset that allows these views to be tailored to meet practically any organization's specific requirements.

"Ventyx understands that business intelligence requirements vary significantly from customer to customer and department to department," said Ventyx Senior Director of Product Management Simon Jacobs. "To address this reality, all of our business intelligence products are developed as fully packaged solutions that can be tailored to individual needs by the customer. The suite includes a set of prepackaged reports that will address the base needs of any organization. And, if the standard offering needs tailoring, customers can perform this work themselves, or they can engage Ventyx Professional Services to assist with this development. As a result, Performance Suite is powerful enough to manage the performance of large organizations yet flexible enough to create tailored views to meet individual users' specific needs as well."

Performance Suite is available immediately from Ventyx and its certified reseller partners. For more information, visit our Website at Or, contact your Ventyx sales representative or email

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