Building energy data from HOBO® U30 systems now viewable via NorthWrite's Energy Expert software

June 2, 2009 — Onset Computer Corporation (http://www.onsetcomp.com), the world's leading supplier of data loggers, today announced that the company's web-based HOBO U30 Remote Monitoring Systems are now compatible with NorthWrite, Inc.'s industry-leading Energy Expert software platform.

The Energy Expert software converts raw building energy and environmental data collected with HOBO U30 Systems into sophisticated, graphical "smart models" that predict building energy consumption. The information, delivered over the web, provides building managers, energy service consultants and others with easy-to-understand, real-time feedback on building energy use.

"While we are able to provide our customers with instant access to energy and environmental data via Onset's HOBOlink® website, there is a segment of the market that requires data to be displayed in a very specific way," said Mark Hruska, chief technical officer for Onset. "For this reason, we developed a set of web services which NorthWrite has used to incorporate real-time data from HOBO U30 systems into their own software. This, in turn, enables Onset and Northwrite customers to combine best-in-class energy monitoring hardware with a more customized dashboard software solution."

"We have been impressed for a long time with the quality, flexibility and value of the monitoring devices Onset provides," said Paul Bursch, chief technical officer for NorthWrite. "We're excited to be able to offer Onset's customers our sophisticated modeling technology, which was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy and commercialized by NorthWrite. The bottom line for Onset's customers is that this new service will help them save money!"

Onset HOBO U30 Remote Monitoring Systems measure and record up to 15 channels of high-accuracy energy and environmental data. The systems feature a NEMA 6-rated enclosure designed for harsh environments, and can transmit data via GSM-cellular, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet communications. Sensors are available for a wide range of measurements, including kilowatt hours, voltage, current, air temperature, relative humidity, and more.

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