SecurStar DriveCrypt Plus Pack Enterprise Edition: Data Protection for Mobile Professionals

DCPP Enterprise continues to grow as an enterprise solution for data loss prevention (DLP)

Irvine, CA - July 14, 2009 — Mobile computing or laptops are essential for professionals and businesses to remain competitive. Unfortunately with the convenience of portability, laptops are frequently lost or stolen, resulting in financial and productivity losses. Data loss is often difficult to monetize, but with regulatory compliance such as PCI, SOX, and HIPAA on the rise, fines and penalties have quickly become one way to account for it. Whole disk encryption is a viable solution to complement a data loss prevention program.

"We are happy to see the adoption rate among enterprises especially with the banking and healthcare communities." Said Michael McKinzie, Securstar's Business Development Manager. "We are winning business from our competitors when customers realize the value we offer after evaluating our products." He added "We are not a vendor trying to own the customer's desktop. Our core business is encryption technology." McKinzie noted.

Advanced Technology

Securstar's DCPP Enterprise offers the latest advancements in encryption technology coupled with centralized management. "We understand enterprises need a reliable way to manage DLP for their mobile workforce, and our enterprise edition is a great way to do it." said McKinzie

Securstar's DCPP Enterprise uses 256-bit AES, which is FIPs 197, certified and is the current encryption standard adopted by the U.S. government. "Enterprises like the way we have implemented pre-boot authentication with full disk encryption. It provides the high level of security they require but remains transparent for end users, which is ideal for both the users and system administrators." McKinzie added.

In addition Securstar's DCPP Enterprise provides advanced management features such as reporting, remote management, and centralized disk and password recovery. "Enterprises need ways to secure and manage their mobile media such as laptops and portable hard drives and this is the core of our enterprise edition." said McKinzie

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About Securstar GmbH

Founded in 2001 by security expert Wilfried Hafner, Securstar is an award winning security software manufacturer with over 5 million downloads worldwide. Headquartered in Munich Germany, Securstar's products were initially developed to meet the security needs of telecom providers and the military. Drivecrypt, Securstar's flagship product continues to expand as an enterprise solution worldwide.

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