Monitor & Control Applications Anywhere With Secure, Wireless Communication Products

Ottawa, IL – Over 200 new products are featured in B&B Electronics' 2009 Q3 catalog, including Vlinx wireless device servers that provide easy, reliable Ethernet connectivity for automation applications.

New B&B Electronics exclusive products include Vlinx™ low-cost, entry-level mini Ethernet serial servers, Elinx™ Gigabit Ethernet media converters, plus software enhancements to their Zlinx™ wireless I/O line.

Onset's HOBO® Pro Series data loggers have set the industry standard for reliable, accurate data logging in harsh outdoor conditions. Our latest generation - the HOBO Pro v2 Series - provides the same advantages as our original HOBO Pro loggers - however now they communicate with PCs and Macs via an optical interface.

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