ABB wins $25 million power order in Peru

Electrical and automation solutions for Machu Picchu hydropower plant extension

A second powerhouse built underground at an elevation of 1,800 masl (meters above sea level) will add 100-MW to the plant's present 90-MW capacity. Besides more than doubling the plant's current generation capacity, the expansion will help regulate the level and flow of the Vilcanota river, minimizing the risk of landslides and flooding.

The Switch, a provider of megawatt-class permanent magnet generator and full-power converter packages for wind power and other new energy applications, now offers the most complete range of PM packages.

Outer rotor generator - launch of a new platform for easy turbine integration

The introduction of the newest generator model combines the benefits of a permanent magnet (PM) and direct-drive solution with an outer rotor. These PM machines represent the technology of choice for next-generation wind power generators, as they offer a platform of highly integrated components that are built to last and require very little maintenance.

The simple, straightforward design integrates the main shaft, main bearings, gearbox and mechanical brake into a single generator "combo". The outer rotor reduces the weight of a direct-drive application. The generator shares a common bearing with the turbine itself, and the turbine's brake system has been integrated as part of the generator. The gain is realized in simplicity, fewer components - and therefore, higher reliability.

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