SecurStar provides companies with mobile computing protection

DriveCrypt Plus Pack Enterprise Edition stops data thieves in their tracks

According to a recent IT security study by Information Week, an industry publication, 35.5 percent of all employees currently use laptops to access their company's network. Consequently, mobile and home-office users add additional security risks such as data loss or theft. To mitigate these risks SecurStar has released their latest version of DriveCrypt Plus Pack Enterprise Edition (DCPP Enterprise).

"It is designed to help companies meet regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, SOX, and PCI. More importantly it is a practical solution to protect against data loss and theft." said Wilfried Hafner, Securstar's CEO "We are excited because our Enterprise version is scalable so organizations with just a few users to companies with thousands of users have a practical and cost effective solution to protect intellectual property, and customer information." Hafner added "Laptop and mobile users are increasing and companies are providing more ways for users to connect to the LAN, meanwhile sensitive data such as email, customer information and proprietary information are being stored or downloaded to the machine; this should be a huge concern." said Michael McKinzie, a CISSP and Securstar's business development manager." Companies must take additional measures." he added.

Centralized management for easy administration

The enterprise edition offers centralized management and supports numerous directory services such as Microsoft's Active Directory, OpenLDAP, and Novell Directory Services for user and machine management. The Enterprise edition offers a challenge/response password recovery system to assist administrators supporting users who are travelling and not connected to the local network and have forgotten their password. Another important feature is reporting which can provide a summary and detail of the client machines. The reports may be useful for daily operations, audits, and policy enforcement needs.

"I believe administrators will find the management interface intuitive, especially if they have worked with Microsoft's MMC." said Michael McKinzie "End users will not notice much difference, other than a new login screen at boot and a new icon in the system tray, meanwhile their machine is now protected with 256 bit AES encryption." he added.

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