SmartSynch to Develop Universal Smart Grid Communications Solution for Utilities

Duke Energy to demonstrate the IP-addressable Universal Communications Module (UCM) providing WAN, LAN and HAN connectivity to myriad smart grid devices

The UCM uses Field Replaceable Units to implement a variety of networking solutions that may be replaced as technologies evolve. These include Wide Area Network (WAN) cards, which allow for a link to the Internet and utility customer's back office; Local Area Network (LAN) cards, which enable utilities to aggregate multiple meters on WAN connections; and Personal Area Network (PAN) cards, which give utilities access to home appliances for remote power management. Other cards can be made available to utilities to support other monitor and control applications as needed.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), which recently came out to support wind power development in correctly sited locations, has installed a small scale wind turbine at its Rainham Marshes visitor centre in Purfleet, Essex.

RSPB Rainham Marshes Manager, Nick Bruce-White said "Powering Rainham Marshes with renewable energy not only shows our commitment to tackling climate change, it demonstrates the important role renewables can play in delivering our future energy needs. The RSPB is often most visual when objecting to wind turbine proposals. However, as demonstrated by a recent IEEP study commissioned by the RSPB, wind power does have a valuable role to play in contributing towards the UK's renewable energy needs, and can do so without harming wildlife. The wind turbine at Rainham Marshes is an excellent example of this."
Craig Jones, Head of Business Development for Proven Energy said "We welcome the opportunity to work with all customers and partners to ensure proper siting of our wind turbines. The need to combat climate change is such that it is our duty to ensure that people get the most out of renewable technologies. This installation reaffirms Proven's capability to work in partnership, collaboration and harmony with local communities and wildlife."

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