House Approves NEMA Premium Motor Rebate Program

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce has approved an amendment creating a NEMA Premium motor rebate program.

The amendment, which is nearly identical to an amendment the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee adopted last month, incentivizes the purchase of NEMA Premium motors by creating a federal rebate program. This amendment approves $350 million to provide $25 per horse power rebate for NEMA Premium motors. This provision also provides a $5 per horse power rebate for the proper disposal of the inefficient, non-NEMA Premium motors.

Top executives from eleven NEMA member companies attended the White House Leadership Summit on Smart Grid sponsored by the National Institute for Standards and Technologies (NIST) on May 18. Hosted by Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke and Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, the summit gave the Obama administration a forum to discuss manufacturer priorities relative to the rapid deployment of Smart Grid. The meeting also provided industry motivation for accelerated efforts in standards development and adoption. The summit validated views expressed by NEMA President and CEO Evan Gaddis during testimony before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in March 2009.

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