SDG Systems Announces Google Android on the Rugged Trimble Nomad

SDG Systems, LLC (SDG) announced today the availability and support of a developer version of the Trimble® (TDSTM) Nomad running Google® Android.

SDG Systems, LLC (SDG) announced today the availability and support of a developer version of the Trimble® (TDSTM) Nomad running Google® Android. The Nomad-Android developer system incorporates the Google Android 1.5 software release and utilizes features specific to the "cupcake" release, like the on-screen keyboard. The Nomad-Android developer system allows developers to implement and test Android 1.5 commercial applications on a ultra-rugged mobile system with a fast 806 MHz processor, up to 2 GB of Flash storage and a full-VGA (640x480
resolution) screen.

In addition, SDG Systems is providing development and support services to organizations with special hardware needs. SDG Systems has developed Linux operating system support for various USB, Bluetooth® and CompactFlash® devices, including USB cellular support and supporting a partner to enable communication with military radios. SDG Systems is capable of implementing full Linux ports to various hardware platforms.

"SDG Systems has been developing and supporting Linux-based mobile devices since 2001," said Todd Blumer, President of SDG Systems. "We have the experienced team to develop and support a commercial-quality version of Google Android on rugged mobile platforms. SDG has worldwide deployments of Linux running on the Trimble Nomad and the Google Android platform is a natural extension of our existing Linux implementations. Our goal is to continue to be a world-wide leader of Linux-based software running on rugged mobile platforms."

Google Android's cross-platform development environment offers great benefits to organizations. It allows developers to use their preferred desktop platform for the development of Android applications. The Android 1.5 SDK supports the EclipseTM Integrated Development Environment (IDE) on Windows®, Mac OS X®, and Linux®. SDG's implementation of Android on the Nomad currently supports adb (the Android Debug Bridge), GPS, 802.11b/g wireless, bar code scanning, touchscreen, backlight, and key entry.
Support for the camera, Bluetooth and unlocked GSM (quad-band with EDGE data capability) is expected soon.

The Nomad-Android development system is available to qualifying developers at a 25% discount off the system list price on a maximum of 2 units per organization. Interested organizations and developers should contact SDG Systems by sending e-mail to or by calling +1-724-452-9366.

Special prices for the Nomad-Android development systems start at $1274 for the Nomad 800B and end at $2249 for the Nomad 800XE. The program runs through July 31, 2009.

About SDG Systems
SDG Systems, LLC is dedicated to equipping the mobile user with productivity-enhancing products and services. SDG Systems has been developing and supporting Linux system software since 2001.

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