Control Microsystems Announces the High-Powered, Low-Cost SCADAPack 314

The SCADAPack 314 is a compact, powerful, and cost-effective controller designed for today's most practical requirements in SCADA systems.

Control Microsystems, global developer of advanced SCADA products, today announced the launch of the SCADAPack 314, the most compact and affordable controller of the series designed as a back-to-basics solution for effective SCADA systems.

The SCADAPack 314 is a purpose-built controller that contains all the most powerful features of the SCADAPack lineup. In response to recent challenges felt by the global market, end users can now procure the functionality they need without paying for features they will not use.

Built on the proven SCADAPack 300 series platform, the SCADAPack 314 features high-performance 32-bit processing, high-speed serial communication, integrated power supply, advanced power-management, and a wide range of digital and analog I/O. With a compact footprint and low-profile chassis, the SCADAPack 314 easily fits into mounting enclosures and equipment racks where space is at a premium.

Featuring industry-standard Modbus and DNP3 serial protocols and a choice of flexible programming languages, the SCADAPack 314 is simple to integrate and deploy. When integrated with Control Microsystems' SCADA host software, ClearSCADA, users are able to leverage unique benefits including remote configuration, application downloads, and time stamped data mapping directly into the historian.

"The new SCADAPack 314 is a rugged and powerful base-model controller", says Dale Symington, VP Product Strategy. "It offers fundamental performance features at a very competitive price."

The SCADAPack 314 offers a wide range of connectivity and communication options with two RS-232/485 serial communication ports and a high-speed USB peripheral port which allows for local configuration. The 314 is an ideal controller for remote sensor locations, solar powered installations, and process control.

The SCADAPack 314 is priced at $995.00 US and is available for order now.

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