NEMA CEOs Lead Smart Grid Adoption

Top executives from eleven NEMA member companies attended the White House Leadership Summit on Smart Grid sponsored by the National Institute for Standards and Technologies (NIST) on May 18.

Summarizing one of the manufacturer's concerns, Gaddis said, "A primary goal is to ensure that the focus on interoperability standards for Smart Grid encourages innovation and does not penalize pro-market activities." He further noted that "NEMA is pleased with the accelerated pace NIST has shown on the Smart Grid standardization effort, and we are working with our members to identify additional manufacturer recommendations for Secretary Locke and Secretary Chu."

SDG Systems, LLC (SDG) announced today the availability and support of a developer version of the Trimble® (TDSTM) Nomad running Google® Android. The Nomad-Android developer system incorporates the Google Android 1.5 software release and utilizes features specific to the "cupcake" release, like the on-screen keyboard. The Nomad-Android developer system allows developers to implement and test Android 1.5 commercial applications on a ultra-rugged mobile system with a fast 806 MHz processor, up to 2 GB of Flash storage and a full-VGA (640x480
resolution) screen.

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