The first plug-in electric vehicle conference to be held in Detroit – The Business of Plugging Insm

The three-day, issues-oriented conference will bring together a diverse mix of leaders from the automotive, utility, education and new technology industries as well as policymakers from the regulatory and legislative branches, financiers and researchers to address the opportunities and challenges in bringing PEVs to the mass market.

Effective April 1, 2009, The Switch, a provider of megawatt-class permanent magnet generators and full-power converter packages for wind power and other new energy applications, entered an agreement with Magnetech Industrial Services, Inc. (MIS) for the servicing of wind turbines in North America. Magnetech is a leader in the repair, remanufacture and maintenance of commercial and industrial electro-mechanical equipment. Wind turbines are among some of the many types of heavy equipment in which Magnetech is specialized, providing comprehensive up-tower and in-shop services for wind turbine equipment.

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