ABB urges industry collaboration, acceleration of Smart Grid standards development in U.S.

ABB North America CEO Santacana seeks greater urgency in creating open standards at Smart Grid Leadership meeting in Washington, D.C.

Santacana called for greater collaboration within the industry and with government leaders, as well as a greater sense of urgency among all stakeholders in creating new industry-wide open standards for smart grid development in the United States and elsewhere.

Pitney Bowes Business Insight, the leading global provider of location and communication intelligence offerings, today announced the immediate availability of a new version of its e-Messaging solution. With enhanced control and flexibility, e-Messaging v1.1 enables businesses to effectively manage and automate two-way email and short message service (SMS) communications. e-Messaging v1.1 provides auto-categorization of inbound messages to streamline electric, gas and water utility company call center operations and digitally signed outbound communications to improve customer service, archiving and regulatory compliance.

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