GE "Smart" Appliances Empower Users to Save Money, Reduce Need for Additional Energy Generation

LG&E, GE and Participants Learning From Smart Meter/Appliances Pilot Program

"We believe with our Demand Response appliances, GE will help consumers significantly decrease power usage during peak demand periods, which will help the utilities reduce the need for more power generation and help consumers save on their energy bills," notes Kevin Nolan, Vice President of Technology for GE Consumer & Industrial. "GE can provide consumers a solution that will give them control over their energy usage with little to no disruption to their lifestyles. "

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce has approved an amendment creating a NEMA Premium motor rebate program. During committee work on the House of Representative's climate change legislation, Representatives Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Mike Ross (D-AR) offered an amendment to incentivize the adoption of NEMA Premium motors.

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