Cooper Power Systems' Two-Way VAR Management Solution Deployed by Progress Energy Florida

Smart Grid solution is designed to optimize power factor improving grid efficiency

The CBC7000's with SelectComm technology are equipped with Verizon two-way cellular communications modules. The Cooper Smart Grid solution is also designed to help Progress Energy reduce system operation and maintenance costs by identifying capacitors in need of repair. This advanced solution allows Progress Energy operators to select contingency operation modes for voltage, alternate VAR support for transmission and conservation mode during peak.

ADC (NASDAQ: ADCT;, a leading supplier of infrastructure solutions for fiber deployments, announced today its FiberGuide® Optical Raceway system and OMX600® Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) have been accepted by the USDA Rural Development Telecommunications program, allowing ADC's products to be used in the expansion of broadband services to underserved and rural communities.

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