Metal Systems Announces Official Name Change

MSI of Chattanooga and Houston Now to be Known as Lectrus

"After more than four decades, our company has grown and changed in many ways, as have the markets we serve," said Lectrus President and CEO Jerry Driscoll. "The name Lectrus provides a simpler, more unified brand that reflects who we are today—the leading electrical systems integrator known for unrivaled reliability. It also more effectively positions us for where we are heading tomorrow and beyond. Of course, you can rest assured that, while our name has changed, the fundamentals of our commitment to quality and service remain steadfast."

In July 2008, the tower industry was stunned by its seventh tragedy in as many months-this time a fatal fall in Florida. The National Association of Tower Erectors immediately called a 'stand down.' During a nation-wide conference call with over 320 of its members. Don Doty, the Chairman said, "Setting the tone of the day with a safety meeting will keep safety procedures fresh in everyone's minds. We want to make sure everyone goes home safe at the end of the day, and 5 minutes could make all the difference." In other words-hold tailgates!

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