Carmanah Partners With Shine Micro to Combine Solar-Powered Marine Lanterns With AIS Technology

Solar technology provider Carmanah Technologies Corporation (TSX: CMH) has partnered with Shine Micro Inc. to add an automatic identification system (AIS) capability to its line of stand-alone solar-powered LED (light emitting diode) marine lanterns.

Widely used by ships and vessel traffic services (VTS) to identify and locate vessels, AIS technology enables ships to automatically exchange a range of navigational data including position, course, speed and proximity to other nearby ships, VTS stations, and AIS-equipped navigational buoys. According to Ted Lattimore, CEO, Carmanah Technologies, this partnership presents a valuable opportunity for both businesses and their customers.

MSI - Metal Systems and MSI Equipment Centers - will now be known as Lectrus, effective immediately. On Wednesday, February 4th, company executives began sharing details of this new identity and brand to its valued employees and customers. Lectrus represents reliable metal building production coupled with expertise integrating complex electrical systems for the power, oil and gas industrial markets.

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