William Frick & Co. Announces Partnership With Technologies ROI for New Harsh Environment RFID Tags

William Frick & Company, a labeling products and RFID tag manufacturer and distributor whose products include SmartMark(TM) durable radio frequency identification (RFID) labels...

The deal brings together two auto-ID industry leaders in a partnership that leverages Frick's established sales and marketing organization with TROI's innovative and patented harsh environment RFID labels and tags. "TROI's products are the perfect complement to our own -- they really expand the number of custom RFID solutions we bring to market," commented Jeff Brandt, Frick's President. Brandt continued, "Our high temperature RFID tags continue to function after exposure to extreme temperatures. Our pipeline marking RFID tags can withstand even repeated blows by a sledgehammer. We also have chemical resistant tags and RFID tags that can be cured in concrete."

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