Composite poles: HD Supply Utilities receives order from Hydro One for 7,000 RStandard composite poles

Hydro One will incorporate the installation of the RStandard composite poles in its upgrade program.

Colborne, Ontario, March 5, 2010—HD Supply Utilities, Canada, has received a three-year, multi-million dollar order from Hydro One to supply an estimated 7,000 RStandard composite poles. Hydro One, the largest electricity transmission and distribution company in the province of Ontario, will incorporate the installation of the RStandard poles in its upgrade program commencing early 2010.

“We’ve been serving Hydro One for over 25 years and are excited to expand our supply chain partnership with the acceptance of the RStandard composite utility pole,” said Gary Walker, vice president of sales and marketing, HD Supply Utilities, Canada. “The pole’s innovative composite material results in enhanced safety for linemen and a low environmental footprint, while upgrading the electric grid. We look forward to working with them to deliver an on-time, smooth implementation.”

The RStandard pole offers many benefits over traditional wood poles. Its advanced composite material is non-conductive and offers greater safety for line crews, wildlife and the community. Its environmentally friendly aspects include a manufacturing process that releases no volatile compounds (VOCs) or hazardous pollutants (HAPs) and unlike wood poles, the RStandard pole does not require harmful chemical treatments, special pole disposal or soil remediation procedures.

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