In-vehicle multiband mobile radio for full-spectrum, mission-critical communications

Harris Corp. has expanded its Unity line of public safety and professional communications radios with Unity XG-100M full-spectrum multiband mobile radio

Boston, March 26, 2010—Harris Corp. (NYSE:HRS) expanded its Unity line of public safety and professional communications radios by introducing the new Unity XG-100M full-spectrum multiband mobile radio.

The powerful radio brings public safety, utility and transportation users true interoperable communications on a mobile platform—whether they are handling day-to-day tasks or coordinating large-scale, emergency responses.

Multiband, multi-mode capabilities enable a single radio to communicate with multiple organizations, jurisdictions and agencies operating on different frequencies and systems.

“The new Unity XG-100M covers all public safety frequency bands, from VHF through 800 MHz, in a single mobile radio,” said George Helm, vice president and general manager, Harris Public Safety and Professional Communications. “It uses advanced technology to deliver critical interoperable communications and unique wireless applications to the mobile radio user.”

The Unity XG-100M offers a solution with its combination of full-spectrum multiband capabilities and suite of advanced features.

In noisy emergency situations, the Unity’s noise-suppression technology delivers clear voice quality — even with sirens blaring or fire engines running.

Noise suppression for any operating mode is achieved with advanced signal processing for both analog and digital communications.

The Unity radio also includes:

· GPS (global positioning system)-enabled situational awareness

· Bluetooth wireless connectivity

· Software-defined radio architecture that enables future growth, including a software-only upgrade to APCO P25 (Project 25) Phase 2, the emerging standard for mission-critical communications

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