Tongue connectors for smaller components

BURNDY announces expanded line of Narrow Tongue connectors.

Manchester, N.H., August 17, 2010—BURNDY, a manufacturer and provider of connector solutions to the energy, construction, telecommunication, petrochemical, data center and transportation industries, announces the expanded line of Narrow Tongue connectors to meet increasing demand for smaller components in today’s panels and switch gear.

The narrow width tongue is very useful for connections in limited space applications. Made from high conductivity seamless copper tubing and electro-tin plated, it ensures a quality, long-lasting corrosion resistive connection. The tongues are marked with wire size, die index, and color-coded bands to show correct number and location of crimps for proper installation. All BURNDY narrow tongue terminals are UL Listed and CSA Certified when crimped with the approved tool and die combination, a part of the BURNDY Engineered System. The connectors are RoHS compliant, per European Union directive, to help ensure a safer environment.

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