Industrial Ethernet unmanaged switches

New unmanaged switches offer multiple fiber ports at affordable prices.

Mobile, Ala., August 12, 2010—N-Tron's four new unmanaged switches, the 110FX2, 111FX3, 112FX4 and 114FX6, are part of the company's compact 100 series. The tough network devices are designed for full-wire speed communications in industrial data acquisition, control and Ethernet I/O applications. Each model offers a combination of copper and fiber ports.

Fiber optic communication provides excellent noise immunity for environments where high electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a factor—an ever-present consideration in railway and power substation installations. The fiber connection also supports links over extended distances, up to 80 km, essential for wind farms and power utilities. The switches' ultra compact size and versatile mounting options allow these affordable devices to be used anywhere on the network, even in areas where space is very limited.

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