New BURNDYWeld QIKLITE Exothermic Ignition System

BURNDY announces battery-operated ignition system for exothermic connections.

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BURNDY announces the BURNDYWeld QIKLITE battery-operated ignition system for exothermic connections. This new system uses innovative technology combined with traditional features and benefits.

The BURNDY QIKLITE unit is the only remote exothermic system that guarantees ignition 100 percent of the time. The self-contained unit offers a built-in battery life indicator, 6-foot igniter cord, and separate buttons for power and ignition. Also, no starting powder is used with this system—so emissions are greatly reduced.

QIKLITE works with standard molds and weld metal, so contractors and installers can continue to use the same quality BURNDYWeld products and have the option of using a traditional flint igniter or the new QIKLITE system.


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