Product allows smart meters to fit into older meter sockets over obstructions

Brooks Utility Products' Obstructionator eases smart meter deployment.

Farmington Hills, Mich., August 10, 2010—Brooks Utility Products offers a new product for easing the replacement of metering products during AMI / smart metering deployments. The new Low Profile Obstructionator clears the way for smart meters to fit into older meter sockets over obstructions.

"One of the common problems we've found with AMI / smart metering deployments is that it's often difficult to fit new products into the old spaces," said Mike Lewis of Brooks UP. In particular, he explained, obstructions in the meter socket can interfere with new meters being fully seated into the socket.

"We've worked with several utilities to resolve this problem, and created the Low Profile Obstructionator," Lewis said.

The Obstructionator is a low profile (1.2 inch) extender adapter with specially milled clearance slots to fit around the obstructions in these meter sockets. The Obstructionator is plugged into the offending socket, and then the new meter is plugged into it. The Obstructionator also includes a patented, clear dead-front safety shield.

"Use of the Obstructionator has cut down considerably on the time spent converting individual meters, which results in significant overall savings for the deployment," Lewis said.

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