Field design software for rural cooperatives

Powel’s easy-to-use Standard StakeOut engineering software goes live in rural power district.

St. Paul, Minn., November 1, 2010—Powel, a developer of software that helps utilities work smarter, recently announced a successful installation of Standard StakeOut at the Polk County Rural Public Power District (RPPD) in Stromsburg, Neb.

Powel’s Standard StakeOut is a pre-configured version of its highly customizable StakeOut field design software package scaled for rural cooperatives to allow faster, simpler implementation.

Located about 100 miles west of Omaha, Polk County RPPD serves 4,458 total customers and maintains 1,080 miles of line. The utility called on Powel to integrate its Customer Information System (CIS) and Geographical Information System (GIS) systems with Standard StakeOut, once personnel determined the design package to be the most cost-effective solution. Barb Fowler, Polk County RPPD’s technical systems coordinator said, “Being a small utility, it is often hard for us to enjoy the software and programs out there because of price. Powel had a tiered package that provided us with a software solution with great functionality that was very easy to use at a price that worked for us.”

StakeOut includes in-field job sketching capabilities that synchronize with back-office software to incorporate and analyze data. In the field, Polk County RPPD’s staking technician uses a computer to design job sketches, add construction units, generate job documents and edit job sketches and units to reflect as-built changes. StakeOut data is then synchronized to a dedicated server back in the office to calculate costs based on pre-defined construction unit prices and ensures rule base design standards.

The hardware and software interfaces with Polk County RPPD’s NISC’s IVue ABS system as well as their Manifold GIS system to create an efficient workflow. By using StakeOut, Polk County RPD streamlines their work processes, eliminates paperwork and decreases errors due to duplication of mapping tasks.

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