Federated Power unveils two new products to provide personalized data

Federated Power is also accepting beta customers for its other new product: Residential Asset Management Software

Tysons Corner, Va., November 4, 2010 — Federated Power recently unveiled two new applications designed to provide utility companies and equipment manufacturers, distributors and contractors with valuable data regarding energy efficiency rebate programs and homeowner candidates for new replacement mechanical and building products.

The first application being made available is a residential rebate data platform that presents individual equipment level rebates (over 5,225 rebate offers across heating and cooling, hot water, appliances, lighting fixtures, roof materials and insulation, and windows and doors).

"We have identified over 520 residential rebate programs nationwide. Our data becomes even more important to consumers after the $1,500 federal tax credit expires at the end of 2010," said Tony Maull, Federated Power president and CEO. As part of these services, Federated Power is also releasing a "space heating" survey of available energy efficiency rebate programs nationwide.

Federated Power is also accepting beta customers for its other new product (launching January 2011): Residential Asset Management Software (RAMS).

The software will be sold on a monthly subscription basis and provide the ability to deliver targeted, personalized, permission based rebate offers to homeowners with defined replacement needs for energy-efficient products.

Federated Power is the first company to provide product level rebate data and a means to deliver rebate offers to consumers that want to receive them.

"Up until 2006, new home sales and rising efficiency standards ensured new higher margin, higher efficiency products were installed in newly constructed homes," said Mr. Maull. "Since then, sales of cooling equipment have collapsed to almost half the 2007 level. Both the utility and home improvement products and services industries are coming around to the need for household level data and understanding their customer. Our applications are the perfect platforms to collect deliver and mine this data for product purchases in the 100 million single family homes in the United States."

According to Mr. Maull, the current budget for energy efficiency rebate programs for residential buildings by utilities and states is $1.4 billion. The total is $5.3 billion for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and is expected to increase to $12 billion by 2020.

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