Composite ground protection mats

New South Equipment Mats is adding the SureTrak and TuffTrak composite access mats to their lineup of EarthSafe products.

Madison, Miss., November 24, 2010—New South Equipment Mats has teamed up with Zigma Ground Solutions, a composite matting company, to design mats to cover light and heavy access and ground protection needs specifically for the U.S. market.

EarthSafe, a division of New South Equipment Mats, is known for providing environmentally responsible access solutions, and with Zigma’s help, their inventory of eco-sensitive products just got bigger. The mats are primarily used for temporary roadways and ground protection, and they provide, as EarthSafe’s slogan suggests, minimum impact and maximum access.

The mats have also been designed for heavy construction such as pipelines and electrical transmission, civil engineering and light construction including power distribution, cable installation and landscaping as well as outdoor entertainment events. Also, in addition to significantly reducing damage to soft and sensitive ground, the mats have a 10-year field life and are made of 100 percent recycled and/or recyclable material—making them much more cost effective than many other access solutions.

Not only do the SureTrak and TuffTrak mats offer greenness to any job, but the mats also offer lighter, more maneuverable mats than many other mats on the market. The SureTrak mat’s relatively light weight, coupled with built in handles, contributes to the ease and quickness of installation and pickup. The lightness of both mats can translate into money saved through lower potential freight costs. Less freight also allows the mats to contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

“New South’s sole focus is providing products specifically matched for the terrain, the use and the budget of our customers, and these new mats add to our growing list of eco-sensitive products,” said Drew St. John, CEO of New South Equipment Mats. “Access is not a sideline business, but it is our only business and we devote countless resources, assets and training to ensure that we are the best at what we do.”

In addition to being offered in both 100 percent recycled material, the 4 ft. x 8 ft. SureTrak mat is offered in customizable virgin high density polyethylene that is 100 percent recyclable.

TuffTrak, which is a much larger, heavier duty mat is made of solid one-piece construction and is available in 100 percent recycled and recyclable composite material.

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