Lutron contract to provide 500 kW of load shed during demand response dispatch

Lutron contract with EnerNOC helps conserve energy and reduce risk of power outage in PPL Electric Utility service area.

Coopersburg, Pa., September 29, 2010—Light control manufacturer Lutron Electronics Co. Inc. has enrolled in the EnerNOC DemandSMART network, providing valuable electricity capacity on demand in the PPL Electric Utilities service area.

The Lutron contract with EnerNOC provides approximately 500 kW of load shed during a demand response dispatch. The Lutron Quantum Total Light Management System’s IntelliDemand software allows the system to load shed on a fixture-by-fixture, room-by-room, or on an entire building basis during a demand response dispatch.

“We’ve worked side-by-side with Lutron to help many of our customers leverage Lutron’s technology to increase their demand response participation. Our ongoing collaboration makes it that much more rewarding that we can now call Lutron a proud member of our demand response network,” said Gregg Dixon, senior vice president of marketing, EnerNOC.

“EnerNOC is the premier demand response provider in the United States and Lutron is proud to sign on with a demand response contract for peak demand load shedding,” said Ian Rowbottom, director of smart grid solutions at Lutron. “With the Quantum Total Light Management System, a demand response dispatch allows the shedding of lighting loads throughout our buildings seamlessly without any distractions to employees or customers.”

On the Lutron campus, a demand response event results in the curtailment of lighting energy usage by 15 to 35 percent, an increase in temperature of HVAC cooling points and an activation of on-site electricity generation. During one demand response event in 2009, Lutron achieved a peak load reduction of approximately 651 kW. Lutron received approximately $23,000 for the calendar year 2009 under the terms of its contact with EnerNOC. In a recent demand response event on August 18, 2010, Lutron exceeded 700 kW of peak load reduction. Lutron continues to increase its peak load reduction capabilities and improve its response times through the automation of demand response events and other energy-saving strategies.

Lutron is also working to install the Quantum Total Light Management System in EnerNOC’s Energy Network Operations Center in Boston, Mass.

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