Compact industrial Ethernet switch series

N-TRON expands gigabit offerings in fully-managed Industrial Ethernet switch series.

Mobile, Ala., September 30, 2010—N-TRON Corp. has announced an additional gigabit model for its recently released, fully-managed compact Industrial Ethernet switch series. Small and powerful, the new 7012FX2 provides eight copper ports, two fiber ports and two gigabit ports (SFP transceivers optional) for maximum flexibility in industrial environments. The 7012FX2 joins the 709FX, 710FX2, 711FX3, 712FX4, 714FX6 and 7010TX in the fully-managed product line—all small form, feature-rich models with advanced network management functionality and high reliability.

Gigabit Communication

With support for multiple fiber connections, the 7012FX2 provides the expanded capabilities needed to handle the higher speeds and larger data files inherent in high-bandwidth networks while maintaining the toughness required to operate in extreme environments. The unit contains two gigabit ports and accepts copper and fiber SFP transceivers.

High Switching Performance

N-TRON’s 7012FX2 joins a family of fully-managed switches designed to provide fast throughput under the most demanding industrial conditions. Each employs advanced IEEE 802.3 Fast Ethernet 10/100BaseTX switching technology to prevent network bottlenecks, eliminating virtually all data collisions and increasing determinism. Switches automatically negotiate the optimum speed and flow of data to enhance network efficiency. Each device accommodates up to 8,000 MAC addresses—spacious storage capacity needed for complex and sophisticated network environments.

Network Solution

To maximize network uptime, N-TRON integrates advanced N-Ring technology into its fully managed switches. N-Ring enables expanded capacity, detailed fault diagnostics and fast healing time for N-TRON-based rings. The integrity of the ring is continually checked by sending heart beat packets around the network. If an error is detected, the ring converts to a linear topology and communication is immediately restored. A detailed ring map and fault location chart may be accessed by the ring manager's web browser or the OPC server. Each N-Ring accommodates up to 250 fully-managed N-TRON switches. To establish redundancy, N-Link technology easily connects multiple N-Rings, creating additional pathways to critical applications and increasing overall resiliency.

Monitoring Options

N-TRON offers multiple tools to monitor fully-managed products. A convenient web-based console allows managers and administrators to view and configure switch options, as well as to monitor network traffic, alarms, and trend information from any Internet connection. For tightly controlled environments, N-View OPC server software easily combines with HMI control and monitoring applications to form a complete surveillance solution for N-View-enabled switches. The iSNMP Software Suite is also available for link and status monitoring. For local monitoring, each switch features configurable LEDs to indicate power failure and N-Ring status.

The fully managed series offers:
• Hardened Industrial Ethernet performance
• 40 degrees C to 70 degrees C operating temperature
• Full wire speed
• Auto sensing ports
• Redundant power inputs
• N-View switch monitoring software
• Advanced N-ring network technology
• Store-and-forward technology
• Local port IP addressing
• Port security

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