Telecommunications software outsourcing

KPI Consulting announces launch of new outsourcing division.

Round Rock, Texas, September 16, 2010—KPI Consulting, a firm providing Web services to the wireless telecommunications industry, announces the launch of a new company division, The new division will focus on providing the complete outsourcing of anything software developer related to the telecommunications field.

The new division will offer a comprehensive array of options, including initial set-up and buy-in from internal resources, as well as recruitment, support, retention and revenue generation.

“Over years of working in the industry, we have found that there is a need for this type of outsourcing,” said Kenneth Plunk, the chief executive officer of KPI Consulting. “With the amount of experience and expertise we have in this area, we feel confident about adding this division.”

Outsourcing the areas in which specializes will come as a relief for many companies who are in need of a quality service and who also need to keep expenses down. There are 210 wireless providers throughout the world, and 180 of them are located in America. Currently, KPI Consulting has many of the top wireless carriers on their customer roster.

Plunk, who started KPI Consulting eight years ago, has over 20 years of experience in the areas of creating and implementing developer programs, project management, design, analysis, and business management.

Although KPI focuses on the telecommunication field, other industries can also take advantage of Those in hardware manufacturing, software and operating system vendors, health care, automotive, and chip manufacturers will benefit from such outsourcing services.

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