New 35 kW and 50k W inverters deliver reliability and efficiency

PV Powered announces commercial inverters for easy installation and maintenance.

Bend, Ore., June 16, 2010—PV Powered, an Advanced Energy company, announces the upcoming availability of two new commercial inverters rated at 35 kW and 50 kW. These sizes enable installers and designers to work more easily within site-specific space limitations and also provide an essential building block to complete larger projects. Like all PV Powered commercial inverters, the PVP35kW and PVP50kW have been designed for 20 plus year operating lifetimes, highest efficiencies, and the lowest cost of ownership in their class.

“These new inverters really hit an underserved segment in the commercial inverter market,” said Erick Petersen, vice president of marketing and sales for PV Powered. “They’re the perfect solution for small-to-midrange commercial applications. Additionally, they provide our installers with a scalable solution that can be used to round out larger commercial projects.”

The PVP35kW and PVP50kW feature a new dedicated performance monitoring section that is separated from the high power section of the inverter and can be factory configured with monitoring solutions from a range of third party providers.

The new products’ clean and simple design features low component count and the company’s innovative Smart Air Management system, which together provide the foundation for high reliability and long life. Also, like the larger PV Powered inverters, the PVP35kW and PVP50kW are designed for ease of installation and maintenance, with features such as front-access service, bottom and side ac/dc cable entry, large cable bending area, a wide range of fusing options, load-break rated ac and dc service disconnects, and fast-change circuit board card cage. The inverters offer an exceptionally robust operating window with the ability to deliver full power at 50 C at 295 Vdc input. The 35kW boasts a 96.6 percent estimated peak efficiency while the 50kW has a 97.1 percent estimated peak efficiency.

PV Powered offers industry-leading lead times of 6 weeks and all commercial inverters feature a standard 10-year nationwide warranty with an optional 20-year warranty.

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