Managed industrial switch for demanding applications

GarrettCom introduces Magnum 6K line of managed Ethernet switches.

Fremont, Calif., December 1, 2010—GarrettCom’s Magnum 6K line of managed Ethernet switches is designed for demanding industrial Ethernet applications on the factory floor, in power plants and substations, transportation and industrial security and surveillance. The 6K line is designed to operate reliably in environments that require additional hardening for operation under extreme temperatures, dust, dirt, moisture, vibration and other hostile conditions.

The 6K family features fiber-rich, modular switches that can be configured with a variety of ac or dc power options and a wide selection of port options for the highest level of installation flexibility. The 6K switches can be mounted on a rack or DIN-Rail, and come with MNS-6K managed networks software (release 4.1.9 and release 14.1.9 SECURE).

GarrettCom has shipped its 100,000th Magnum 6K Managed Switch to Schneider Electric. The switch, a Magnum 6KL Managed Edge Switch, was shipped as part of an order including a variety of Magnum 6K switch models and Magnum DX industrial routers for deployment into various naval facilities.

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