Single phase reclosers

G&W Electric’s new single-phase reclosers are versatile.

Blue Island, Ill., December 15, 2010—G&W Electric Co. has extended its line of solid dielectric reclosers with a versatile, modular unit designed specifically for single-phase systems rated through 38kV, 800A, 12.5kA symmetrical interrupting.

Trade named the Viper-SP, the recloser is available in a standard “L” configuration as well as a low profile, horizontal insulator configuration for congested overhead or substation applications to maintain electrical clearances.

The modular construction of G&W’s Viper-SP permits a variety of bushing configurations providing solutions for overhead, substation and dead-front padmount applications. The G&W recloser works directly with Schweitzer’s SEL-351RS Kestrel control. Dead tank construction with a mechanical block feature prohibits remote close adding to operator safety. The Viper-SP is distribution automation ready permitting ease of automation either now or for future requirements.

G&W is an ISO 9001 certified global supplier of smart grid distribution automation solutions; load and fault interrupting switchgear; reclosers; distribution and transmission cable terminations and joints; and current limiting protectors through 38kV, 5000A continuous.

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