Precast modular foundations for wind turbines

Cell Blocks and Oldcastle Precast introduce modular foundation systems.

Littleton, Colo., October 21, 2010—To meet the growing demand for precast modular foundations a new and innovative foundation system, Cell Block, has been developed for small and community wind turbines. The Cell Block foundation system will allow for the harnessing of wind power on sites such as landfills and contaminated Superfund sites, as well as those found in remote locations once thought unreachable.

Cell Block modular foundation systems—developed by Cell Blocks Inc. and Oldcastle Precast Inc. for small and community wind turbines—are a precast post tensioned block system that can be assembled in a variety of configurations on site with minimal site preparation. They are non-ground penetrating which makes them perfectly suited for use in locations where ground penetration is either not allowed—such as landfill or environmentally sensitive applications—or impractical due to hard to penetrate ground conditions.

Each Cell Block modular foundation system is designed and engineered specifically for the location of the installation. The size, quantity, and configuration of the blocks are engineered based on a number of critical considerations including soil bearing pressures, regional wind design speeds, factored loads, uplift potential, buoyancy loads and stress loads on all materials, as well as many other factors that must be considered during the design and engineering process.

Cell Block modular foundation systems offer an innovative alternative to driven piles, concrete piers and single-piece poured in place foundations. Having precast modular foundations as an option for supporting their wind turbines give the designers and developers more freedom to do what they do best—to go wherever the wind blows.

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